About Us

Mission and Vision of the CanAfrique Theatre

CanAfric Theatre is a company of professional artists, spotlighting Afro-Canadian theatre in all its cultural and artistic diversity.

The company aims to reach audiences across Canada as well as represent Canada authentically across the globe. CanAfric Theatre contributes to the artistic, cultural and academic growth of its multicultural communities and works in tandem with Canada’s artists and artistic organizations to preserve this country’s cultural diversity.

CanAfric Theatre has taken on the duty to preserve, encourage, develop and promote the cultural interests of Afro-Canadian descent. The Theatre continues to support and develop new techniques to foster a better comprehension of African theatre in both the educational and professional setting though creativity, research, participation and interest.

CanAfric Theatre becomes one of the few distinct companies, an artistic space for, and a symbol of African-Canadian culture in Ontario. It is the only group that can bring together into a single artistic creation three experiences and three cultures: dance, song and African drums with Francophone, Ontarian and Canadian culture. CanAfric preserves the role of the arts as a universal expression to educate all the while entertaining the audience.

About the Theatre