Artists – MIDDF 2010


Maloukaï was created in 2005 in Montreal, bringing together women wishing to express themselves through percussion. With eight members, this group presents original material derived from traditional rhythms of different Latin American countries such as Brazil, Uruguay and Cuba, as well as enriching its repertoire with some African rhythms. Since 2008, the band is also presenting more “urban” rhythms, adding singing and dancing to its music.

NaZu & Company

Born in Ivory Coast, West Africa Nai Zou joined the national ballet of Ivory Coast at the age of 13 and traveled to many countries. In addition, he worked with the national ballet of France in 1995. Nai Zou arrived to the United States in 1999 and in 2000 started his own company.


Created in 1994, the Burundian African drumming group Umurisho Rhythm captivates the audience with their traditional rhythms. For centuries, the sorghum harvest has been celebrated with drum and dance by placing drums in a half-circle with the king or chief in the middle.

Manding Foli Kan Don

Manding Foli Kan Don is a Toronto-based group that perform music of the Manding area. The name Manding Foli Kan Don means to play, sing and dance the music of the Manding people.

Kintana Gasy

Kintana Gasy is an animated group who perform traditional folklore dances of Madagascar. The group was founded in Toronto in May 2009. Malagasy traditional dances vary from one province to another.

Dance Chix

The dance group Dance Chix is composed of 4 dancers: Raphaële Lemire, Chloe Ritson, Amber Bimm and Melissa Morcos. All 13-14 years old, they are students at the Sainte Famille Secondary School in Mississauga. They all have dance in their blood.

Moussou Foli

Moussou Foli is an all-female group of drummers who span cultures and generations. They are mothers, daughters, teachers, and students, but above all they love the djembe and the traditional rhythms of the Mandeng people of West Africa.

Esther Ongenda

Esther Ongenda was born in the Congo, 17 years ago. She lived in Cape-Town, South Africa until 2009 when she moved to Toronto. Immersed in African music, she’s becoming passionate about all music, from The Beatles to Lauryn Hill.

Mississauga Chinese Arts Organization

The purpose of the Mississauga Chinese Arts Organization is to promote multiculturalism, especially Chinese culture, and to enrich the arts and culture of the community. Currently, MCAO’s performing arts program includes performances in the areas of dance, vocal and instrumental music as well as Chinese traditional Tai Chi and waist drum dance.

Jaivah aka Nouvel Exposé

Saba and Rumbi form Jaivah Nouvel Exposé Dance Troupe, a Toronto dance company specializing in traditional and contemporary dance from Ethiopia, Eritrea, Congo, Southern Africa and Egypt. Honouring tradition and innovation equally, we pair our original choreography with the freshest beats from the top of today’s African music and live instruments on occasion. Jaivah strives to expose audiences to dance styles whose beauty has for too long gone unseen or unappreciated among many.

Kpata-kpata Zango Girls

Sonia Ebanda and Ines Kipré: two young artists and students in their 3rd year at university will demonstrate their passion for modern African dance.

Ity LaBinguisse & Aboulaye “Bee”

Ity LaBinguisse and Abdoulaye ‘’Bee’’: two young artists from the Ivory Coast will demonstrate the Coupé décalé, a mondern dance from the Ivory Coast.