History of the CanAfric Theatre

CanAfric Theatre began with the idea of putting into place a link, if not a cultural bridge, between African and Canadian theatre and acknowledging the lack of multidisciplinary African-Francophone theatre. Ms. Justine Gogoua offers through this great initiative the opportunity to feature in a same artistic creation Canadian talents representing the true diversity of this country, which holds under one roof all of the world’s cultures like the harmonious voices of a distinctive chorus. CanAfric Theatre, as the name reveals, is the artistic space where the African drum meets the Canadian ballerina while being serenaded by Franco-Ontarian voices all the while staying open to the world.

Underway since March 2005 and incorporated in January 2008, CanAfric Theatre is a non-profit organization that highlights every aspect of theatre: dance, song, music, African percussion, theatre, storytelling, dramatized poetry, marionettes and masks. CanAfric Theatre presents itself simply as African-Canadian theatre.

The Founder: Originally from the Ivory Coast and established in Canada since 1994, Ms. Justine Gogua is a prominent figure in Canadian performing arts and theatre, particularly in Ontario where she lives. Former member, founder and artistic director of the Groupe des Arts Bassan since its founding in June 1995, Justine Gogoua has left her mark in the world of Canadian arts and culture.

Her more than decade-long mission to give Canadian heritage its African richness produced awards, nominations and reliable partnerships. With this artistic institution, Justine Gogoua answers the need for the presence of professional African theatre and brings to light our artistic cultural diversity. All the while working hard to promote African-Canadian culture, she lets solid links form between people of different cultural backgrounds through the arts.